bloom ROOTS

bloom ROOTS


  • Promotes root development through natural plant extracts
  • Should be used throughout the crop cycle to promote lush white root systems
  • Is an excellent substitute for cloning gel
  • Will help plant cuttings establish roots much quicker than other products – use it on your cuttings when transplanting into your grow system
  • Will aid a plants ability to survive times of high stress eg; lack of water, high temperatures and diseases
  • Can be used to repair root damage that has occurred from root zone infection or failure of watering systems
  • In the ‘bloom Advanced Floriculture’ system you do not need to reduce your fertilizer application to use this product
  • Can be used in any growing method, growing medium, indoors and outdoors – simply consult the relevant feed schedule for application rates to suit your system (or develop your own method)



Various natural plant extracts, fulvic acid, vitamins and amino acids.



Recirculating:           0.25-0.5mls per litre

Soil:                             0.25-0.5mls per litre

Run to waste:            0.5-1mls per litre

Organic:                     0.5-1mls per litre



Recirculating:          300ml = 1200L        1L = 4000L   2.5L = 10000L

Soil:                            300ml = 1200L        1L = 4000L   2.5L = 10000L

Run to waste:           300ml = 600L          1L = 2000L   2.5L = 5000L

Organic                     300ml = 600L          1L = 2000L   2.5L = 5000L